ABDA Book Design Awards 2021

The 2021 ABDA Book Design Awards catalogue highlights various print and binding processes, taking traditional elements of book design and subverting them. The catalogue is a ‘naked’ book block, that exposes the anatomy of a book and the spine gives a playful nod to the traditional signature markings that are usually unseen. Throughout the pages are illustrations based on printers’ tests in a skewed CMYK colour palette, which test the limits of registration and overprinting.

As a counterpoint to the catalogue, a hard cover notebook was also created: a seemingly complete, yet ‘blank book’ that encourages designers to explore their ideas. The concept of composite printing extended to the branded collateral which accompanied the catalogues as they were mailed out to members. A risograph printed ‘cheat sheet’ was created as a quick guide to the details we often need to refer to.

Cover illustration by Hologram Jelly of the Jacky Winter Group.