Affix Volume 02

Affix is an independent publication centered around urban design, planning and more broadly, life in the city. It is inspired by positive urban, social and environmental development, grassroot movements and aims to feature the dialogue that happens where these worlds meet. Focusing on the personal stories of passionate individuals whilst staying aware of the larger narratives at play, Affix engages micro and macro issues concurrently.

A rebrand of Affix involved a complete overhaul including a new masthead, a more comfortable format and a comprehensive design system. A suite of patterns was developed based on architectural plans, complemented by a vibrant colour palette, an carefully curated selection of artwork and a custom typeface. Much like the complexity of the cities it observes each issue is treated individually, responding to content in a rich and evolving manner.

Issue 02 was launched in collaboration with a Melbourne Ideas Bombing event and is currently stocked in bookstores throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Photography by Mark Lobo, Jolina Xu