Brand Tasmania

Brand Tasmania is a group of businesses and services that are commited to a reputation of excellence. As members have to be certified by a council, it protects the integrity and reputation Tasmania has earned, whilst working to establish a strong community amongst local businesses.

The brief was to encapsulate what it is to be Tasmanian, and to feature the shape of Tasmania in the mark. It was clear that Tasmania quietly boasted many things, but most apparent was the the pure, natural resources unique to the area, channeled into products of the highest global standards by passionate growers and craftsmen. The resulting identity speaks of the wild natural beauty that still covers much of the state, which is crafted and refined with precision and expertise. The mark is remiscent of many organic forms: a wing,
a curl of butter, a shaving of wood.

The brand identity was warmly accepted by Brand Tasmania and its members, and has since been implemented also by Tourism Tasmania.

Completed at R-Co Brand