Nighthawk Group

The Nighthawk Group is a family of eateries in Sydney, consisting of an eat-in diner and three food trucks. The iconic food trucks take the form of a classic car and an airstream trailer, turning heads wherever they go. The name references a notable Edward Hopper painting of a group of people in a diner late at night while the interiors pay homage to the Streamline Moderne movement of the Art Deco era, all with a touch of retro irreverence in the context of modern-day Sydney.

The identities of the three entities—Nighthawk, Tacohawk and Sweethawk—take on very distinct personas; Nighthawk is moody and oozes with ambience while Tacohawk is vibrant and clear in its offering amongst an often cluttered backdrop. Sweethawk, while seemingly saccharin and innocent on the surface, hints at something a little subversive in its undertone.

Designed in collaboration with Emily Vadal